About us

Long Distance Labs is an expert mobile marketing team of 10 media buyers and more than 30 designers with extensive experience acquiring premium quality traffic in a variety of fields (Gaming, E-commerce, Health & Fitness, Finance, Travel, etc).

Long distance labs


Creiamo esperienze mobile straordinarie che gli utenti vorranno scaricare, condividere e acquistare

We’ve assembled a team you won’t find anywhere else. Equipped to solve the invisible problems that hurt performance and help organizations align from top-to-bottom around growth, it’s why we’re able to bring about transformation wherever we go — shifting paradigms — and getting results.

Why partner with us

Our unique approach and blend of capabilities make us the right performance marketing partner for any business focused on growth.

International from day 0

Based in Rome, Milan, London and with remote collaborators across the globe we can tackle multi-language challenges with ease.

Serve complex marketing organisations

We’re built for the hard stuff. We relish the difficult challenges and thrive in complexity.

Breadth of technical knowhow

Mobile is a complex distribution channel in a privacy-first world, we have the strategic and technical knowhow to guide you forward.

Transparent and biased towards action

Everything we do is designed to create actionable, measurable outcomes to fuel your business.

Our leadership team

Nico Ungari

[Founder & CEO]

Gianlorenzo Simonazzi

[Chief commercial officer]

Nicolàs Ramirez Cavallazzi

[Head of performance]

Paolo Pivetta

[Client Director]

Some of our clients

Flowe, Eatwith, Young Platform, Huawei, Mode, FundStore, Timeling, Al.ta Cucina, Sonic Jobs, Adzuna, Scuter, Karaoke One, Winelivery, Taki, Tim, uTrust and many more.