Go the distance

Long Distance Labs is a performance marketing agency specialising in acquiring additional revenue for mobile digital projects. We work across all categories and apply our market experience to test multiple hypotheses and scale top performing creative approaches.

Long distance labs


Creiamo esperienze mobile straordinarie che gli utenti vorranno scaricare, condividere e acquistare

Not a channel, a partner through thick and thin

Long Distance Labs runs digital marketing campaigns with the objective to drive revenue to products & services with zero risk.

This is done by producing creatives, testing formulated hypotheses, ads which we understand will convert well from clicks to purchases, testing these ideas and scaling the ROI positive ad spend. If your product is ready to scale, we provide scale.

How we work with our partners

Our secret?


Fact : Creatives determine 50% of an ad campaign success

Our internal database, powered by machine learning, which analyzes the top 1% of online ads, 50,000+ of them, to identify what types of ads and what length of ads are ideal for your exact industry and offering. We are continually updating our Brain which allows to stay ahead of the trends.

We go deeper
than just ROAS

We don’t just rely on in-platform metrics to know which campaigns or new initiatives are working.

We marry in-platform data with back-end information like Return purchasers, new purchases, Average order value, and more to correctly correlate the campaigns in the ad accounts that are contributing to those levels of the funnel.


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Some of our clients

Flowe, Eatwith, Young Platform, Huawei, Mode, FundStore, Timeling, Al.ta Cucina, Sonic Jobs, Adzuna, Scuter, Karaoke One, Winelivery, Taki, Tim, uTrust and many more.